Foreclosure Defense


The reality of your lender trying to force you out of your home can be an extremely stressful and hopeless situation.  Historically, many laws have been established to protect banks over the average person, but there are many effective and aggressive defenses a good attorney can use to help; but you must act quickly as many strategies are time dependent.


Once you are notfied of foreclosure, it is important to contact a qualified attorney fast as there are many complex legal particulars and unique goals to consider.  The sheer volume of foreclosures in recent years can also lead to outright violations of your rights as a borrower, and banks are counting on your ignorance of the law to extract you from your home.  Bush, Crowley and Leverett are committed to helping homeowners in middle Georgia fight these illegal practices and keep you in your home. Contact us today and let us protect your rights as a homeowner.

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